So I went to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the other night.  As much as transformers are really cool, I really wasn’t impressed with the movie.  Considering my gender preference, Megan Fox isn’t reason enough to rate a movie well.

The movie is absolutely beautiful, I’ll give them that, the special effects are great.  That’s probably the best thing I have to say about this movie though, because unfortunately it’s two and a half hours of beautiful.

I was unimpressed with the general plot.  A friend of mine claimed that this movie was completely directed at middle schoolers and a generally younger audience.  He said he felt like it should have been rated R, because then the movie might have been decent.  I agree with the first part of what he said.  There was nothing deep, no underlieing themes, nothing mature about the storyline here.  The stretches of impressive effects and prolonged fight scenes were, well, unimpressive.  Maybe the movie would have been shorter, and better, had they cut to the chase a little bit.

I will, however, disagree with what he said about a movie needing to be rated R to be good.  Up, which was released just the end of May, was absolutely fantastic.  Coming off as a kids movie, but maintaining itself as something I can enjoy also.  This makes me wonder. Michael Bay did such a good job with the first Transformers movie, what happened to this one?

Overall it was… alright at best.  Bumble Bee is cute, the action was exciting, and it was overall very pretty. Unfortunately none of this was really enough to make up for the lack of interesting plot for an exhausting length of movie.  Definately gunna stick to watching the first one.