When I bought my ticket for District Nine last Friday, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into beyond “Alien Movie”.  For me, knowing that was enough.  I honestly hadn’t even seen more than a few trailers, and writing this now, I don’t remember what the trailers showed.

District Nine is put together like a news broadcast.  By that I don’t mean that it’s ridiculously biased and tells you about lots of tihngs you could care less about.  Unless you don’t like movies or aliens, but that’s neither here nor there.  The actual layout of the movie is like what you would see on the news.  Reporters, family members, etc, talking about the incident.   It’s a very interesting way to put it together, but it worked really well for the plot.  Definately a good way to go about it.  The colors in the movie also were similar to what you might see on the news.  A little bit lower color quality creates sort of a washed out look, not like typical bright vivid movie colors.

Oh yes, and there are guts. Lots of guts.  I might be a girl, and I maintain a relatively feminine way about myself, but I’ve still got a thing for bloody movies.  I tend to find myself being bored by the gore of your typical horror movie.  It gets redundant and expected.  District 9 definately kept me cringing throughout the movie with plenty of exploding body parts and blood spatters on the camera (remember, news broadcast point of view).  It was awesome. Oh yeah, and there’s a fair share of buildings lost too. When my zombie-movie-fanatic friends are cringing at the movie, it has definately done a good job.

As far as what my slightly more feminine side thought of the movie, the characters are all so personable.  I feel like that is such an important part of the movie. Poorly developed characters make for a movie I won’t remember.  My favorite is the young alien. His mannerisms are completely adorable and “awwwww” worthy.  Even if he is a crude looking alien.

My least favorite aspect of the movie was the actual design of the aliens.  Though they were well put together, the exo-skeletal/insect like appearance was slightly more indicative of genetically engineered radioactive bugs, not aliens.  Their mouth parts reminded me of a cthulhu, which left me humming the Narwhal Song for the rest of the evening.

Overall, since nobody really knows what aliens might look like, you can’t really hold that against them.  District Nine has a good storyline that is filmed from an interesting perspective.  The characters draw you in, and the exploding bodies make you cringe in a good way.  I loved it. I would definately recommend it to a friend who enjoyed this type of movies, though not necessarily to a “chick flick only” viewer.   I personally will watch it again — maybe even in the theatre.  Definately the best alien movie I’ve seen in a long time.