My first week of classes concluded last Thursday, and by procrastinating about writing, Rose successfully beat me to posting her nerd school impressions first.  Shoot. I’m going to write about mine anyways.

I’m working towards a bachelors degree in game development.  It’s basically a computer science degree focused more on making video games.  The university I’m attending works on a unique schedule and at an accelerated pace.  Because of this, I have about 40 hours a week of class, no summer breaks, and classes at end as late as 1 AM.  But I also get my bachelors, normally a 4 year process, in 21 months.  This means I graduate just a couple of months after my boyfriend, woohoo!

My class schedule is pretty simple.  Again, due to their unique scheduling system, you only have two classes at a time and they run only a month long.  So after my first week, I’m already 25% done with the classes I’m currently in.

My first class is design fundamentals, which is on Monday and Wednesday from 1 PM till 9 PM.  The first half is lecture and the 2nd half is lab, and we get an hour for lunch/dinner between the two.  We’re working in small groups (5 people) to develop a plan for a game that we’ll pitch to the class at the end of the course.  My teammates are a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying coming up with the “game plan” — pun intended.

My second class is English composition, which is on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm till 1am.  Yes, English till 1 am. So far, I have yet to fall asleep. It works the same was as DSF with the first half being lecture and the second half lab.  So far in lab we’ve just done in class writing assignments that have a word requirement of 500-800 words, and we’re allowed to leave class when we finish that.  Both nights last week I was out of class by 10:30 or 11, which has been really nice.  I think if I were required to stay till 1 AM and listen to an English lecture I would fall asleep.  In general I have found the English class to be fairly remedial and very very easy.  I’m expecting it to get a little more interesting and challenging over the next 3 weeks. I have a couple of essays to write including a memoir and a film analysis, so that should be interesting.

As far as my fellow students go, I have to say I am generally impressed.  They certainly exceeded the expectations I had.  The gender ratio, much like that of other nerd-schools from what I’ve been reading, is pretty skewed. I’m the only girl in my DSF class and one of about 4 in my English comp class, though that class is a combination of several degrees.  I knew I would be one of only a few girls before I started, however I assumed most of the guys would be super awkward about that.  In fact I have met several socially adept people who I’m quickly befriending.  I’ve also met several who’re married, and a few with kids.

Overall, everyone is way more mature than I expected.  Though everyone is fairly nerdy, it’s not overwhelming in most cases.  I’m finding, as I expected, that my video game knowledge is not as in depth as many of them, but nobody is overbearing about that.  My least favorite thing so far?

Florida is WAY to hot.