Zombieland Movie PosterI had the pleasure of experiencing Zombieland for the midnight release when I got out of class last Thursday.  At its core, Zombieland is about killing zombies.  And hey, that’s what it’s about on the surface, too!  If you’re looking for a plot, you’ve got the wrong movie.  Then again, you probably have the wrong genre.

Zombie movies have been done to death.  I’m sick of boring dark environments, ridiculous virus back-stories, and most of all, I’m sick of lame love plots.  I watch zombie movies to see zombie obliteration.  Sure, posing the obvious question of how you would handle a love one’s infection is food for thought, (or food for zombies, if you don’t make the right choice), but really, I’ll deal with that when I face my OWN zombie apocalypse.  Let’s kill some zombies!

A lot of zombie movies, in order to enhance their post apocalyptic feel, go with dulling out the colors or making dark environments.  This kind of color scheme worked for a while, and It worked for District 9, but that wasn’t a zombie movie and they were going for (and achieved) something different there.  Zombieland doesn’t do that. You’re getting brightly lit scenes  (except the obvious night time situations) and vibrant colors.  The creepy clown zombie just wouldn’t be the same if he weren’t vibrant.

Zombieland Movie StillIf you like the sound of zombies, horror comedy, and gore-intense zombie deaths, you’ll like Zombieland.  If you saw the trailers and thought it looked good, you’ll like Zombieland.  Just don’t expect much more than trailer quality in the plot.  A plot would have gotten in the way here, it’s simply a trip across the country towards a pacific coast theme park (National Lampoon’s Vacation, style, baby!!) with lots of awesome one liners, a couple of really awesome survival rules, and a search for twinkies.

Zombieland is awesome, straight up.  The whole theatre was clapping, cheering and hollering throughout the whole movie.  It’ll leave you on a zombie death high that you hopefully won’t come down from for at LEAST a couple of hours after the movie.  And it’s funny, so it has great replay value.  Like I said, if you’re into killin’ zombies, this one is a must see.