I didn’t get to bed till 3am after class last night. It made getting up for my last day of calculus pretty crappy this morning.  But I made it on time, took the final, and am SO glad to be done.  The homework load in that class was pretty heavy, and it was pretty redundant. I probably could have/should have tested out of that class, there wasn’t much that I didn’t already know. But that makes sense, I’ve already taken calculus in high school.

I think the final went fairly well. I got the highest grade in the class on the last test, a 99% which I’m pretty proud of. I could have taken my time in order to get a higher grade on the final but I don’t think it was imperative to my grade, so we’ll see.  Plus I got both of the extra credit questions right for sure, AND our instructor gave everyone in the class 5 extra points on the test because he saw us all out front of the building studying and stuff before class started, which he’s apparently never seen before. It’s good stuff.

Tomorrow evening I’ve got a final in programming 1. Should go fairly well, I feel prepared. I have a study guide that is pretty much exactly what’s on the final so I’ll look over that tomorrow morning.  I have heard, however, that the average grade on it tends to be about a 60%. I need an 80% to get an A in the class.  It’s difficult because all the tests up until now have been practicals.  Writing out code, making sure it compiles, and making sure it does exactly what it is supposed to. The final is straight knowledge — multiple choice questions. 100 of them.  I’m slightly nervous because some of the questions are kind of tricky, they’re not necessarily mistakes I’d make in the code. I guess we’ll see!