I just finished 11 straight days of class with 8 hour turnarounds almost every other day.  There’s a reason I haven’t posted since before Thanksgiving break, for sure.  The reason we had such a brutal schedule was because of the closeness of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We only had three weeks to complete a 4 week course, so classes were crunched together.

Finals last month I ended up with an 83% on the programming 1 final and a 94% on the calculus final. That left me with a 92%in programming and a 96% in calculus. Both As, woohoo! I’m not nearly as optimistic about my programming 2 final coming up next week, but I’m definitely excited for Christmas vacation.

Right now, however, I’m excited to spend this whole weekend relaxing and getting extra sleep. I’ve got a lot to recover from, and a hectic 4 days of review and then finals starting next Monday.

This school is EXHAUSTING!