Space Wars in Space is my current game in development.  It is a project for a class called Structure of Game Production (SGP) at Full Sail University.

We’ve just turned in our 3rd sprint of work and our game is mostly feature complete at this point. Space Wars in Space has missions done in a top down arcade style shooter style, but each mission is essential in the overall goal to take over the entire galaxy.

I feel compelled to give you the loading screen before you see the rest.

Our menu screen. It looks a heck of a lot more exciting in its full animated glory. All the panels slide in and out when called upon and the background has a lovely rotating – galaxy effect going.

This is the galaxy map.  This map is turn based for the player and the two enemies.  The three different colors of nodes indicate systems and their owners, blue being the player.  The links between them indicate paths to travel.  The player can attack systems adjacent to his own and upgrade his own systems defenses to make them harder for the enemies to capture.

Gameplay is simple — there is a large mission map area littered with planets that spawn enemies when you approach. You can choose to destroy or capture planets, each resulting in a unique reaction to the mission as well as the money earned when the system has been captured.

Stay tuned: once we’ve completed bug testing and have all our final art, we’ll have new and improved screenshots (the main menu will have a prettier background!), including screenshots of the shop, all 5 enemy types, and more gameplay.  Follow me on twitter to get the latest updates as well as the date and time for the SGP Expo where you can play the game for yourself!