If you’ve seen me collecting links to blogs on twitter and are wondering why, let me explain.

I initially just wanted to get a list of these blogs for myself to put into my feed reader.  I want to read what everyone is doing, but with the number of blogs and sometimes the infrequency of the posts it just doesn’t make sense to check daily. Google reader is awesome for that.

Then I realized that I can’t possibly be the only person who likes to see what everyone is up to. Isn’t that the point of social networks, to creep on everyone else? At any rate, I decided I’d collect links to FSGD students and alumni alike and compile a big like of names, blogs, and twitter accounts.  I plan to put it on a website of its own and allow visitors to submit their sites.   Right now, it’s just a list in notepad on my desktop.

I would like to hope that an aggregation of these blogs will get more readers for everyone, and help everyone stay more connected with the blogs.

If you’d like to help out with the website design or development in any way, or want to submit your blog, feel free to email me at margutteter [at] gmail.com or send me a mention or a direct message on twitter @mar33.
Thanks for your interest in my project!