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“Game Dev Feed” Project

I met with both Mike and TJ late last week to get started out the game development blog aggregation project. We pounded out some more details and TJ began working on a design.

The site will consist of an aggregated feed for game development, divided up into subsections for production, art, design, and programming.  Visitors to the site will not only be able to subscribe to the full feed (or a specific subfeed of their choosing) and read latest posts, but they can also browse a full list of the blogs listed which will also include blogger’s twitter names (if they have one).

Visitors can also follow the twitter feed we intend to set up which will post about new blog posts as they are available in the feed.  In addition there will be a page to allow visitors to submit their site for feed inclusion.

For feed cleanliness, each blog will be hand approved to insure no spam and no inappropriate sites are listed.  Sites should be blogs, this isn’t a feed for advertising.  Each post will also be individually approved by the administrators so subscribers don’t need to worry about their feed’s getting polluted with garbage.

Like what we’re doing? Want your site included?

Send me a message or a mention on twitter @mar33 and I’ll add you to the list.  Don’t have a twitter? Feel free to also email your blog to There’s no restriction on what links I’m taking at this point, so please, submit away! Thanks for everyone who’s submitted already. For those of you who’re too excited about the list to wait, there’s a sampling of the links I’ve gotten too far after the jump. I haven’t completely filtered these yet, but I don’t think any of them are spammers, advertisers, or just plain jerks, so we should be ok. View full article »


FSGD Blog Collecting

If you’ve seen me collecting links to blogs on twitter and are wondering why, let me explain.

I initially just wanted to get a list of these blogs for myself to put into my feed reader.  I want to read what everyone is doing, but with the number of blogs and sometimes the infrequency of the posts it just doesn’t make sense to check daily. Google reader is awesome for that.

Then I realized that I can’t possibly be the only person who likes to see what everyone is up to. Isn’t that the point of social networks, to creep on everyone else? At any rate, I decided I’d collect links to FSGD students and alumni alike and compile a big like of names, blogs, and twitter accounts.  I plan to put it on a website of its own and allow visitors to submit their sites.   Right now, it’s just a list in notepad on my desktop.

I would like to hope that an aggregation of these blogs will get more readers for everyone, and help everyone stay more connected with the blogs.

If you’d like to help out with the website design or development in any way, or want to submit your blog, feel free to email me at margutteter [at] or send me a mention or a direct message on twitter @mar33.
Thanks for your interest in my project!