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Space Wars in Space

Space Wars in Space is my current game in development.  It is a project for a class called Structure of Game Production (SGP) at Full Sail University.

We’ve just turned in our 3rd sprint of work and our game is mostly feature complete at this point. Space Wars in Space has missions done in a top down arcade style shooter style, but each mission is essential in the overall goal to take over the entire galaxy.

I feel compelled to give you the loading screen before you see the rest.

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Side project: 2D C++ Maze

This morning I woke up and decided I wanted to code something.  I didn’t know what, but I knew I wanted to make something work. My C++ skills are still fairly limited, as I’ve only been in the class for about 3 weeks now.  My initial thoughts were to make a text based adventure, but  seems as how I had no good ideas for how that would work, I gave that idea up pretty quickly.

My mind turned to the unicode characters we’d covered in class last week.  When I first went through those, the box drawing ones caught my attention. I could make a maze!

Today, I set out to make that maze. And I did, in under 3 hours. I am oh so proud of myself. Not only did I complete my first “sideproject” outside of school, but I did it by myself (no professor assistance), in a short period of time, without freaking out, and it WORKS!

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