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Zombieland Review

Zombieland Movie PosterI had the pleasure of experiencing Zombieland for the midnight release when I got out of class last Thursday.  At its core, Zombieland is about killing zombies.  And hey, that’s what it’s about on the surface, too!  If you’re looking for a plot, you’ve got the wrong movie.  Then again, you probably have the wrong genre.

Zombie movies have been done to death.  I’m sick of boring dark environments, ridiculous virus back-stories, and most of all, I’m sick of lame love plots.  I watch zombie movies to see zombie obliteration.  Sure, posing the obvious question of how you would handle a love one’s infection is food for thought, (or food for zombies, if you don’t make the right choice), but really, I’ll deal with that when I face my OWN zombie apocalypse.  Let’s kill some zombies! Continue reading


District Nine Review

When I bought my ticket for District Nine last Friday, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into beyond “Alien Movie”.  For me, knowing that was enough.  I honestly hadn’t even seen more than a few trailers, and writing this now, I don’t remember what the trailers showed.

District Nine is put together like a news broadcast.  By that I don’t mean that it’s ridiculously biased and tells you about lots of tihngs you could care less about.  Unless you don’t like movies or aliens, but that’s neither here nor there.  The actual layout of the movie is like what you would see on the news.  Reporters, family members, etc, talking about the incident.   It’s a very interesting way to put it together, but it worked really well for the plot.  Definately a good way to go about it.  The colors in the movie also were similar to what you might see on the news.  A little bit lower color quality creates sort of a washed out look, not like typical bright vivid movie colors.

Oh yes, and there are guts. Lots of guts.  Continue reading